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Farm Fashionista’s Weekly Tips

20121116-215022.jpg Welcome to my silly little corner of the world! In trying to figure out the best way I could give advice to my readers, I figured that my years of experience in the fashion, modeling and entertainment industries would hopefully be useful. Living on a farm in the middle of Pennsylvania is not exactly the place for high fashion runway wear. However, letting myself slump around in crappy looking work clothes all day isn’t what we’re going for, either.

So that said, this is a place where I hope to help you out each week. We’re going to begin by simplifying those wardrobes, getting back to the basics of what we need versus what we want. Then we’re going to talk about the magical world of accessories, and we’ll even dig into your own personal style. Many of us are struggling financially these days, and going out to buy a new pair of $300 pumps is something we just can’t comprehend. In fact, most of us can’t even eek out the $30 for a pair from Target. This series is realistic – one that your wallet (and hopefully your significant other) will love!

Are you a shopaholic with too many clothes? A frump (like me) with no motivation to put together outfits? A busy mom with no time to plan a wardrobe? Completely fashion clueless? This is your place. We’re going to dig in to how to live EVERY DAY with a little more confidence, a lot more focus on internal beauty, and a plan for feeling fashionable and GREAT!!!

Your Farm Fashionista


3 thoughts on “Farm Fashionista’s Weekly Tips

  1. I am a solid-color-wearing, don’t fuss with makeup, oh-it’s-okay-to-wear-again FRUMP. Definitely coming out of the labor (spit-up) intensive years of kids, so let’s have at it!

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