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The kid-friendly, Christmas Kitchen!


Making homemade treats is easy for Little Hunter Dude

Boy Wonder dips his finger in the melted chocolate and sneaks a taste. Little Hunter Dude wields his pretzel rod as a mini light saber. Both are equipped with self-designed kitchen aprons and a healthy dose of homemade hot chocolate, and all of us are giggling with laughter as we jam to Michael Buble’s Christmas album.

Here are my top 10 kid-friendly kitchen ideas for December. I hope you find a few that work for your family!!!

1. Design your own aprons. A little puffy paint and a Natural Canvas Kids Apron should do the trick!

2. Homemade hot chocolate mix. Pinned this recipe to our brand new CRHomestead account on Pinterest. Come join us!

3. Break and bake cookies. Umm… Yeah, recipe coming soon. Ha!

4. Dip and decorate Oreos. My son’s favorite Christmas activity in the kitchen. They LOVE to squirt stripes of red and green melted chocolate everywhere and they turn out looking like designer Oreo’s from a hoity-toity catalog!


Finger-licking, Oreo-dipping good times with our friend, Crazy Daisy!

5. Pretzel rod design. Light sabers, glow sticks, or just plain surface area for seasonal sprinkle loading, these are an easy teacher gift or friend for other like-minded Star Wars buddies.

6. Ice cream pie. My mom always made a chocolate crust and filled it with mint chip ice cream at Christmas. Seriously? How easy is that? Easy enough for the kids, that’s how easy. 🙂

7. Cutout cookies. More labor intensive on your part, but worth the work for decorating alone. Set aside little chunks of time to do this so no one gets frazzled (aka Mommy). Cutting and baking, icing making, then decorating. Oh, and then EATING!

8. Homemade doggie treats. I haven’t done this yet, but it’s on our list for this year. We’ll let you know how it goes!

9. Molded chocolate pops. So easy with chocolate molds. Melt chocolate (Mom does this in the microwave so we don’t overcook it or use the stove). Stir. Spoon or pour into molds. Insert stick. Refrigerate. Poof! Chocolate lollies they’ll be so proud to say they made themselves.

10. Popcorn popping breaks! It is super important to know how to pop around the kitchen like exploding popcorn kernels. If you have not taught your children yet, do not pass go, do not collect $200… Show them immediately. You’ll never have had so much fun!

Merry Kitchen!


Happy hearts pouring themselves into happy treats!

If you’re interested in this little pretzel maker, it works much like a waffle iron with interchangeable big and little plates that are super easy to wash. Also has kid-friendly cookie cutters and makes much healthier soft pretzels than the ones at the mall or from the freezer section! Here’s a picture and a link to it on Amazon:




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