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Homegrown Turkey Dinners

My Mom came to visit and we celebrated with day after day of food we had raised right here on our farm! We ate our first dinner with pickled beets and bread and butter pickles, homemade strawberry and triple berry jam, and broccoli from the garden. New Year’s Eve, we made a GLORIOUS Tom from our flock… as you can see from the photo of Dad carving up that golden goodness!

Chocolate cheesecakes just came out of the oven and venison steak is on the menu for supper tonight… I can’t get enough exercise to make up for all the yummies these past five days.

Happy 2013!!



4 thoughts on “Homegrown Turkey Dinners

  1. Lovely Sarah! We had a farm-raised Thanksgiving again this year as well. Amazing isn’t it, when you sit down to eat and realize that absolutely everything on your plate was rasied on your land, and prepared by family hands….full of love!!!!
    JOY~ Wendy

    • Wendy, so great to hear from you. There is such a great feeling growing inside when we look at our pantry, our freezers and our table at dinner time. We’re finally seeing a return on all those hours we spend in the garden, with the poultry, canning in the kitchen, processing and packing meat… and WE LOVE IT! So grateful to the Lord for His ability to know and guide even when we are grumpy, stubborn, or blind. He knows what we need – always.

  2. Sarah I cooked the Turkey you brought out this summer for Thanksgiving, it was the best tasting turkey I have ever eaten! Thank you

    • Rhonda, we’re so glad you guys liked the turkey. We are really proud that the big farm feed store here bought all of our turkeys this December and gifted them to their employees for Christmas! Our freezers are jam-packed and we are meal planning lots of chicken and turkey meals this winter. On the menu this week: Turkey Soup. πŸ™‚ Love to everyone in your neck of the woods…

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