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Liebster Blog Award

liebster2It’s Sarah here…

Who would have thought when we started this blog a couple of months ago that anyone would see it worthy of an award?! We just do what we do, share what we think people would like to know about our new little homestead, and try to be helpful to our friends and neighbors. We wish there was more time (yes, I am late posting on my Farm Fashionista topic), but with two kids, a small farm and an arts academy, we have our hands full!

So we are surprised and honored to receive the Liebster blog award from MCS Gal. You’ll enjoy her unique cooking blog.

Originally, this award was meant to go only to blogs with less than 200 followers, and everything was in 11’s. We just told you that time is a hot commodity around here, but I think we can go back to honoring the small blog idea! We are supposed to share 5 random facts about ourselves and answer 5 questions posed by MCS Gal. THEN, we nominate 5 other blogs and come up with 5 questions to ask them.


  1. I grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago. My childhood was jam-packed with dance and theatre, and our home was always full of music. My mom was a classically trained coloratura soprano and my dad was a conductor and the lowest bass in the 50-voice church choir.
  2. I didn’t have sugar until I was five years old, and I canned and baked every day in the kitchen with my mom. AKA “Mimi” with our kids, my mom is the honey/molasses/carob queen. She was doing health food before this wave of über cool sustainable homesteaders ever was!
  3. However, I was NOT a gardener… This little diva didn’t like dirt under her fingernails as a child. Fast forward to the present, and you’ll find a new woman who isn’t afraid to help process a deer or plant a couple hundred strawberry plants. Times change.
  4. I am a former beauty queen. Not joking.
  5. I killed a tarantula with a broom once. In Australia. During the 2000 Olympic Games. Not many people can claim that one.

Answers to MCSGal’s Questions:

Sears Tower in Chicago Illinois

Sears Tower in Chicago Illinois (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  1. What is something you have accomplished in your life, are working to accomplish or want to accomplish?
    We are thrilled to say that we are new to homesteading, though our parents and grandparents worked hard to instill in us the values and the knowledge that we would need to be able to sustain our own family when the time came. Our humble little farm is a beautiful testimony to their lives and God’s provision.
  2. How do you reward yourself?
    With chocolate and coffee.
  3. Why did you decide to start a blog?
    We felt we had to share our journey, touch a few people living in the big cities where we once lived, and to offer what knowledge we could to people trying to live their own homesteading lives.
  4. What is something you look forward to in the future?
    Visiting our nation’s monuments with my sons. They are so excited to head to Independence Hall, the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero some day! I can’t wait to share those moments of awe at the White House, the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, the Sears Tower, Mount Rushmore
  5. What is a piece of advice you’d like to share? 
    Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”
    ~ James 1:2-4



  1. Looking back on 2012, what were your greatest challenges?
  2. What or who inspires you?
  3. What’s the most awesome thing about your blog?
  4. What is at the top of your bucket list?
  5. How do you recharge your batteries when you feel mentally, emotionally, or spiritually drained?

For those with blogs chosen for the award– you copy and paste the award in your blog. You tell who nominated you with a link to my blog. You tell five random things about yourself and then answer my questions. When that is all done, nominate five bloggers that you follow and send them the rules and create five new questions for them to answer along with their random things.

MCS Gal, thank you for nominating us. Keep on blogging!


One thought on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. Hi Sarah! Thanks again for nominating our little homestead blog for the Liebster Award! We are so honored! I posted my blog tonight, swing on by & see the answers to your questions! It was really fun to spend some time on them! Have a lovely evening!!!

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