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Part 1: Building Personal Style



Farm Fashionista here. Yes, back from the dead. It’s been two weeks of insane fevers, coughing and pneumonia around our homestead, so we apologize for being so quiet! I am back and I have sorely neglected my Farm Fashionista topics, so let’s jump right in!

I’ve decided this topic warrants multiple posts, so I have divided it up into a little series for you. We’ll start talking about some general ideas and then get into the practical application and day-to-day ideas.

Personal Style

When it comes to personal fashion, I am hopelessly caught in a bind. If I had my way, I would dress in 1940’s styles day in and day out. Sadly, my budget dictates otherwise, but also, I’m just plain chicken. I have fascinators overflowing my dressing table, vintage costume jewelry in abundance, and some retro dresses and pants that suggest the vintage feel, but when push comes to shove, I choose to leave them there,  decorating my closet and bedroom with great flair and never actually creating that personal style about which I daydream.

Typically, I am a style chameleon. I morph according to the role I am playing. When I teach dance, I wear black dance pants (yoga pants), solid colored tank tops or camisoles, and a sweater or hoodie. My motivation is simple, clean lines and setting a good example for my young dancers. When I’m out with my kids, I’m in jeans and a top with my leather jacket and a scarf. When I head out with a friend, I wear… no, wait. I’m a mother of two small boys. I don’t go out anymore. Scratch that.

Needless to say, this is a daunting task. Personal style is a life-long voyage, something that changes with your personality and your maturity over time. Fads will come and go and riding the fashion wave can give you whiplash if you haven’t figured out just what you love and what you consistently return to every time.

YLE Wardrobe

(Photo: Wikepedia)

Choosing Your Signature

So let’s look at some of our choices, those “signature” items that can pull together a wardrobe and make you feel like there is some consistency and a starting place to each outfit you wear.

1. Color – By this, I do not mean black. I mean your best, most flattering, and go-to color of the rainbow.

2. Shoes – Are you a high-heel addict? Do you love flats? Just how many pairs of peep-toe slingbacks do you have? You might be surprised to find that you have inadvertently made a fashion statement just by the shoes you own.

To-die-for red patent leather peep toes.

To-die-for red patent leather peep toes.

3. Hair color – I could go on forever about this, but some of us (*ahem* Crazy Daisy) like to change hair color as often as our clothing.

4. Jewelry – Rings. Bracelets. Necklaces. Earrings. Regardless of what you choose, jewels that are a conversation piece are always a great way to pull your wardrobe together.

5.  Hats – This is about you. Only in the case of a hair emergency are you permitted to throw on a hat to hide. As for the beloved cloche, or fascinator, or even your floppy brimmed summer sunhat… let it make a big, bold statement about your style!

6. Key Accessories – Belts. Watches. Scarves. Socks. Sunglasses. So many choices, so many personalities. Do you have a favorite that you always return to? As for me, give me a beautiful scarf any day!

7. Key Clothing – Die-hard when it comes to skirts? Love your comfortable blue jeans? Are you a turtleneck junkie?

All of these ideas are just that – simple ideas that you can use to begin identifying and building your personal style. Can’t choose just one? Maybe you have my trouble – you LOVE fashion! But let’s see if we can’t tackle the task at hand and really focus on just one thing for now. There is plenty of time to build and develop and add pieces and interest to our wardrobe.

Watch for my next post. In the meantime, what did you find out about your style? I am DYING to know what you found!


My favorite ring from the Tudor collection I created (Queen Katherine Howard).


4 thoughts on “Part 1: Building Personal Style

  1. I thought I was going to read about fashion on the homestead, as in ‘farmgirl’ stylin’…”Farmin’ Fashionista” -ya know, equalling something you’d wear on the farm/homestead? This is something I’ve had a bit of a quandary about myself, since I appreciate jeans more than anything else when I’m out and about my farmgirl duties and chores, and even though my kids have all up and grown now, I still am not ‘going out’ where pumps of any kind would be useful, and I’m trying to find a pleasant ‘fashion’ that matches a farmgirl style in OR out of doors. Like a straw garden hat or modified cowgirl hat (pearls around the hatband). A ‘gathering apron’ for holding eggs, perhaps pretty rubber boots for mucking, that kind of thing… because even if you did dare wear a pencil skirt, what farm chore could you do in it?
    Maybe I’m boring, or just don’t have the figure for anything else… lol.

    I do have a site to share with you that might pique your sense of style as well as encourage you to step out in your own style and flaunt it (she’s got cowgirl boots and a pink taffeta dress and flowers in her hair while posing on a 1941 Ford truck… total glam on the farm)…so if she can do it, so could you!
    Here, I think are 3 best posts, but I assure you there are others…. , , )

    You only live once! Besides, if you dare to be yourself and buck the fashion sense of all the look-alikes around you, you’ll not only stand out and be remembered, but possibly open eyes to new possibility, and encourage others to be/develop fully themselves too.
    Good luck with your fashion journey!

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  3. Jeans, jeans and yet again more jeans. I’ve raised 6 kids and more vegetables and animals than I care to remember. Now that the kids have left home, I’m an art student at the local university. More messy things to do! As I turned fifty this year, I began to rethink my clothing and image. Trying to dress like what and who I am now instead of how I’ve always dressed and be able to work in an art studio and not ruin nice clothes has been a quest. I’m still a work in progress, but I am finding fun ways to dress up my blue jeans.

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