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Wintery Long Weekend

It was a chilly long winter weekend this past weekend, and with the boys off of school last Friday and Monday, we had lots of fun time to spend together as a family. January seems to fill itself up with birthday parties and football events, but with the extra snow day yesterday, we had plenty of down time to relax.

Love our little guys. So chilly, but so fun!


Grandma Alice’s Buttermilk Pancakes

(Watch for my recipe post coming this week!)


Ice hockey playdate with Little Hunter Dude’s new kindergarten friend


Couldn’t resist showing you these “curly” trees in the snow. You can see the rink just peeking out from behind the barn.


Little Hunter Dude (L) at the first of the parties, complete with a rocking Ninjago birthday cake. Yum!


Family ice hockey tournament – we shoveled off the snow, expecting to find slushy ice and it was rock hard! The boys put us old farts through our paces…


When you know you need a recliner in your living room… That said, I think this is the best picture of our guys.



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