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Gifted Kids and School: The Best Approach to Educating Einstein

We have gone back and forth about homeschooling our boys, both for cultural/social paradigm reasons, as well as just plain boredom and frustration with the everyday cookie-cutter approach that public school offers. Here is an amazing article that describes our 8-year-old Boy Wonder so well. They really hit the nail on the head with this thought:

“I talked to her later and she said, ‘I thought all gifted kids were motivated, independent learners and they did everything right.’ I told her, ‘They’re kids just like any other kids. They can get in to trouble. But they’re just more creative about it.'”  Gifted Kids and School: The Best Approach to Educating Einstein.

We have spent endless hours pouring into our little Boy Wonder’s education and fighting for the services he needs. Because of his Aspergers, he does not test well, which means he typically does not test in a gifted range. Spend five minutes talking to him, and you’ll know this is about as far from the truth as you can get. He is doing well “fitting in” socially at school now, but he is bored silly. It makes you want to look at him and say, “Yes, kiddo. Hop in the car. We’re going to Philly to visit Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell like you’ve been begging us to do. Let’s do some geography and history on the way!” He would think he’d died and gone to heaven.

Ultimately, it always comes down to time and money resources for us. With the arts academy and our homestead, there never seem to be enough hours in the day as it is, let alone shifting life to homeschool every day. But my heart aches for both our smart little fellas, and I wish there was a better way to learn.

Do you have a similar experience with your gifted kid or special needs child? We’d really love to hear your homeschooling vs. public schooling thoughts and what your feedback is about navigating education today.


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4 thoughts on “Gifted Kids and School: The Best Approach to Educating Einstein

  1. There are lots of reasons why we homeschool, one of them is this: I want to foster an individual love of learning in each of my children. I want what they learn and the way that learn to be geared to them specifically. If they love learning and learn to be problem solvers they can accomplish anything! I don’t want to make this too frilly, it is a real struggle some days, but those days when I watch them figure something out that they have been struggling with and do it THEIR way (that way that makes the most sense to their unique little brains) I know we have made the right choice for our family.

    • Alissa, thank you so much for answering! I’m wondering about the socialization of your precious babies? Do they have a close network of friends? I’m also curious if you have a set school day schedule or if you’re flexible about your day/week.

      So many questions!

  2. Thanks for linking back to part of my series on multisensory homeschooling!

    I love the flexibility that homeschooling offers and the ability to cater to each of my children’s learning needs. We are part of a local homeschool group and enjoy play dates, park days, and field trips — as many as we want to make time for! My children interact well with people of all age groups. It has been a wonderful choice for us.

  3. Amen Mama. I completely understand where you are at with your exasperation with public education. My heart has ached to homeschool our four boys for years as well. I have watched my bright, gifted, creative learners lose their creativity, confidence and love of learning for too long. We have had a lot of the same concerns as your family….socialization, time, and the fact that my loving husband does not want his wife committed to the looney bin, lol! However, with that said, we are in the moment deciding if we will give homeschooling a try this year, or wait till the start of next. I had some major concerns with starting in the middle of the stream so to speak, our kiddos are not in kindergarten anymore, but rather, 1 high schooler, 2 jr.highers, and a second grader. Can this Mama really do this? I think so, at least I think it is worth a try, so we will finally know for sure if homeschooling is a better choice for our kids. I believe gifted boys need creative and energetic educators, they may not fit the mold, and who better to know their learning styles than their first teachers….their parents. I think if we as parent educators are willing to learn, dig in, and work for the best for our kids we cannot fail….& we all know homesteaders are not afraid to dig in! 🙂 Best of luck to you and your hubby as you continue to ponder your heart.
    Blessings~ Wendy

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