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Boy Wonder’s Super Bowl XLVII Poll

As promised, here’s Boy Wonder’s fantastic Super Bowl Poll!


Thanks for your vote!




6 thoughts on “Boy Wonder’s Super Bowl XLVII Poll

  1. San Fran all the way! Even as a native ‘Merlinder,’ I have a tough time rooting for a Ballmer football team after the disgraceful departure of my beloved Colts back in 1984 (I know… ‘let it go, Hare!’). Anyhoo, now I’m a one-team Baltimoron (*snicker*) and will only root for dem O’s, hon.

    Go Niners!!
    P.S. My Boy Wonder is also anti-Ravens. Hope that’s okay with you and yours.

  2. i’m on it! 🙂 was in class for 11 hours today. haha 🙂 Please tell him how ABSOLUTELY AWESOME it was, to get an email from him today!!! 🙂 It made me sooooooooo happy! 🙂

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