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Recipe: Sarlabeth’s Hot Mustard


The players!

In our central PA home, we are faithful to two NFL teams, neither of which are playing this weekend.

Chicago. Bears. Football… Such a disappointment.

Steelers. Country. Die hard fans…. Lots of moping faces and defiant Roethlisberger jerseys around here.

But who can resist the Superbowl, really? I mean, why would you miss those great ads and the opportunity to hang out with friends and family?? Never mind that Boy Wonder is the ONLY one with a strong opinion about the teams, quarterbacks, and outcome of the game on Sunday. (Watch for his poll later today.) Boy Wonder’s Super Bowl Poll

So, obviously magnificent food is on the agenda, and for us, that means easy, quick and kid-friendly. This recipe has been whipped up countless times in our home, and everyone raves about it. We’ve even given it in little jars as gifts during the holidays and people are always asking for the recipe. So here it is!

I admittedly tweak this to taste every time I make a batch – a little less spicy for the kiddie crowd or a little more kick for Daddy and friends. You can safely and easily mess with this recipe and still get great results every time.


Sarlabeth’s Hot Mustard

1 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk
1 cup yellow mustard
4 T creamy horseradish sauce*
4 T Worcestershire sauce

Mix and refrigerate! Serve with pretzels, summer sausage, or aged white cheddar cheese.

* I typically have a hard time finding the creamy version of this at the store, so I stock up when I do. I don’t have any this week, so I substitute mayonnaise (4 T) and about a 1/2 t of horseradish. Again, you can tweak this to your liking so it’s no too spicy or has lots of bite!


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