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Three Little Geese


Welcome to our newest feathered friends! Our three little geese ventured out into the yard for the first time today, and wouldn’t you know it… Instinct took over and they headed straight for the creek!

They nibbled a few weeds and loved following their “dad” around the garden. Watch for more pictures soon!


4 thoughts on “Three Little Geese

  1. Even though there are too many geese in my area, I still enjoy watching them with their little ones and I like hearing them fly over my house.

  2. adorable babies! We are hoping to add a few pilgrim geese to our homestead this spring too! (That is if spring ever gets here! We still have 30 + inches of ice on area lakes!)
    Have a Beautiful Day Sarah!

    • 30 inches?!? That’s crazy! It’s doing pretty well here – sunny and 70, so far. Anyone knocking on wood, yet? All our potatoes, onions, beets, lettuce and spinach are in. Snow would be a BAD thing for us…

      In other news, wanted to thank you for your last few posts. I haven’t had time to comment much, but they have really been a breath of fresh air (particularly the Preparedness one)!


      • Oh, sunny & 70!!! I have spring envy, lol! How wonderful. We will get there soon too, I hope! My rhubarb patch is exposed from under the snow now, as is the garden, so I’m sure we will be feasting on rhubarb and asparagus soon, planting will be a way off yet though! I am glad you liked the preparedness post! Stay tuned for more!

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