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Easy Homesteading Solutions: Storing Potatoes & Onions

We’re storing up for the winter, and my quick tip for you today is this:

Your bounty of onions and potatoes will last longer if you do not store them together. The gases produced tend to increase decay in each vegetable.

Good Storage Options (that you likely already have laying around)
– Store potatoes in a cold, dark area (like a basement or cellar). Do not put them in a plastic box or other storage container that cannot allow air to circulate. Instead, a basket with paper towels in it or even a cardboard box without the lid would work well. Lots of moisture is also not great for either vegetable, so watch out for wet basements!

– Onions from the store can be stored in brown paper bags with holes punched in them for air circulation, but I prefer the following method for our home-grown onions. I begin by curing them on a screen (try an old window screen) in the sun for a week or two, being sure to bring them inside to protect them from nightly dew and rain. Afterward, I take an old pair of tights or pantyhose and drop an onion down into the toe of one side. I tie a small knot above the onion, then repeat the process until the length of the tights are filled. These are then hung from a hook in the basement and I can simply snip off a knot when I need an onion.

These are super easy solutions that you can implement today – why not kickstart your fall with some long-term food storage!?


3 thoughts on “Easy Homesteading Solutions: Storing Potatoes & Onions

  1. Awesome post. I’ve been wondering how i was going to store my veggies after harvest. How long do the onions and potatos usually keep for?

    • Mari, thanks for your great question. Glad we could help you! Usually this should hold your onions and potatoes a few months, though we’re admittedly using up far more than we have stored the last few years. We will probably have a surplus of potatoes this year – I’ll let you know how long we can keep them going!

      Sarah (and Chuck!)

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