About Our Homestead

Welcome to Crossroads Homestead! We are a little family of four, plus a farm dog and a barn kitty. We live on 5-1/2 acres of beautiful land in central Pennsylvania, and over the last 7 years have become very interested in sustainable living, family farming, and raising our family with the values our Depression-era grandparents once had.

Having lived all over the country, including Chicago and Pittsburgh, we hope to help friends and like-minded families to realize their ability to live a different life – one that is simple and not wasteful, that instills values and a healthy work ethic in our children, and that preserves the spirit of community and service.


4 thoughts on “About Our Homestead

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  3. Hi! I was looking for homesteading blogs and I found yours! I enjoy it very much and love the useful info you have here. Having 5.5 acres is just a dream to me yet, but one day my husband and I would love to practice sustainable living on a piece of land. We live in Lancaster county , PA, and PA is such a beautiful area. We live around the Amish and Mennonites who practice homesteading and farming and know so much about it. God bless you and thank you for the blog!

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